Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hawaii Kai Shopping Center

Im not sure of the actual name of the shopping center, but it is in Hawaii Kai and about a 5 minute drive from where I am staying. It has a lot of good stores like Jamba Juice, Koko Marina 8 movie theatre, Local Motion, Teddy's burgers and the gym I go to. It must be a popular center because I have seen two "famous" people there so far. Tim "Youngblood" Chapman from Dog the bounty hunter, and "Jin-Soo Kwon" Daniel Dae Kim from Lost and the new Hawaii Five-O. I didnt want to bother either of them with a picture, so here are some I found online.


  1. How could you not bother Jin? Are you trying to get back to the island? Did John Locke visit you too?