Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Night Snorkeling

So last night I was asked to go night snorkeling. Sounded like a good idea at 4:30pm. Once we got there at 7:30 I thought differently. First off the beach isn't the best place to be at night. Shady people about. We went in to the left of Sandy's which is very rocky and just as rough as the normal part of the beach. We had to walk over the lava rocks to get in and then get passed the breaking waves. We then got out there for about 15 minutes and my snorkel detached from my mask. My friend was very helpful and was trying to fix it for me but it just wasn't working. We were in about 25 ft of water out in the ocean, and I was feeling a little sketched out. I was getting nauseous from the water surges and then getting out was even harder then getting in. Waves crashing on you and I was trying my hardest not to lose my footing on the rocks or getting smashed up against one. I was extremely thankful I got out with minor cuts on my feet. Could have been a lot worse. I think I was a little out of my element. Here are a few pictures of where we went in during the day. The first picture is pretty much how it was last night.

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