Saturday, December 18, 2010

On the hunt.

Today, I was on the hunt for the Banzai Rock Skatepark. I saw clips of it on tv and thought it looked real cool. So I headed to the North Shore and stopped at all the usual places on the way. Haliewa, Waimea Bay, which was like a lake, Pipeline, which still has the Pipe Masters stuff up, Sunset Beach, quick stop at the sunset beach elementary school for a local fair and all while trying to keep an eye out for the skatepark. I asked one guy at Sunset Beach if he knew where the skatepark was and he was helpful and told me it was right before the foodland on the left/South side of the road and that it was hard to see. Then I asked some other kids at the elementary school and they said it was across from the beach... as you can tell I passed a few beaches.

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